2Y MBAs: Sign up for a Virtual Resume Review

To sign up for a Virtual Resume Review, you must follow the directions outlined below.

Prerequisites for a Virtual Resume Review: 
1. Put your resume in the MIT Sloan Resume format.
2. Use VMock after you have drafted your MIT Sloan resume to receive initial feedback.
3. Review the feedback from VMock and revise your resume. Use VMock again to get a second VMock score.

How to Access a Virtual Resume Review:

  • Complete all 3 prerequisites before requesting a Virtual Resume Review.

  • Follow these instructions:

    • In VMock, click on the Network Feedback icon on the left hand side and then click the Request Network Feedback button.

    • Click on MBA Career Advisor and then click Next.

    • Complete the Ask for Feedback message with 2Y Virtual Resume Review as the Job Position/Purpose.

    • In the Additional Message section, include your first and second VMock scores and share your career interests in 1-3 sentences (maximum.)

    • Click Send Request.

  • You will receive personalized feedback on your resume from a career advisor within 3 business days.

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