Congratulations MFin Class of 2019!

Congratulations MFin Class of 2019! A heartfelt congratulations on achieving this amazing milestone in your career! We are so grateful to be part of the journey, to learn about your unique talents and contributions, and to see your success. We look forward to maintaining our connection, whether you are seeking career coaching or the next hire for your organization. Congratulations on all your hard work throughout the year!

We are here for you now. If your employment plans post-MFin have changed, please update your status in the MFin Employment Survey. If you would like to speak with an MFin Career Advisor, please reach out directly to set up an appointment. The CDO is open during the summer and advisors are available to meet in-person or virtually.

We will be here for your next step. As MIT Sloan alumni, you will have access to lifetime career support. You will receive more detailed information about alumni career resources later this summer.

Stay in touch! We wish you the very best, both in your professional and personal lives, and hope that you will stay in touch as alumni.

By MIT Sloan CDO
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