Sign up Reminder: Technical Modeling Interview Prep – led by Wall Street Prep (7/31)

Attention all MFins! Remember to sign up for the Technical Modeling Interview Prep Sesssion that will be led by Wall Street Prep (WSP).

During this session, WSP will provide information on the robust Student Passport series of valuation tools and answer questions about the platform to help you maximize the value of the Student Passport. During this session, you will learn technical interview questions, valuation models, and advanced Excel topics. All MFins should attend this session, especially those interested in Investment Banking, Equity Research, and other roles that require valuation skills.

In advance of this session, you will have received an email from our WSP colleague Matt Blair with an access link to the Student Passport. Please double-check that you have access and reach out to Matt at for troubleshooting.

Bring your laptop to this session.

Click here to sign up in Career Central!

By MIT Sloan CDO
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