LSU Used Joe Burrow On The Field And Big Data In The Weight Room To Return To College Football’s Biggest Stage

By Simon Ogus | Forbes | December 28, 2019

It all began when the three co-founders of Perch reached out to LSU Football in a cold email to inquire if the SEC powerhouse might be interested in learning more about their product; a software-enabled gym hardware that uses machine learning to track an athlete’s movements during weightlifting and provide the user with instantaneous feedback. According to the WSJ, the email caught the attention of strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt, who responded with a call to Jacob Rothman, Perch’s CEO, and Co-Founder. During their discussion, Rothman and his co-founders encouraged LSU to test their device, that collects data for “velocity-based training”, and, simply put, to bring data to LSU’s weightlifting efforts in order to make the sessions and sets as efficient as possible.

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By MIT Sloan CDO
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