Johnson & Johnson Global HR Leadership Development Program

On April 2nd, we invite you to attend an engaging, interactive virtual event to provide an in-depth perspective on the Johnson & Johnson Experienced Human Resources Leadership Development Program (E-HRLDP) Internship – a 10-12 week program enabling highly motivated graduate students to demonstrate their potential to be one of Johnson & Johnson’s HR Leaders of the future. Through the Internship assignment, Interns may have the opportunity to provide strategic consulting and design support to J&J businesses on an enterprise, global and regional level.

J&J ‘People. Strategy. Impact.’ Virtual Event
April 2nd @ 7:00am EST

During this presentation and audio Q&A, you’ll gain an in-depth look at the E-HRLDP Internships and how to build a successful long-term career with Johnson & Johnson.

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By MIT Sloan CDO
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