How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Keep Working Remotely Post-COVID

By Elizabeth Alterman | The Muse

When COVID-19 first forced non-essential employees to work from home, the shift may have been jarring if you’ve never telecommuted (and maybe even if you have, just not during a pandemic).

But the experience may have led you to recognize the appeal of the virtual office. And it’s easy to see why. Working remotely offers a range of benefits, from enjoying a more comfortable environment to saving time and money by skipping the commute. Or maybe you’ve long dreamed of working from home, but didn’t feel you could ask because it wasn’t common at your company or in your industry.

If you’ve realized over the last few months that you prefer working remotely and want to stick to it in the long term, you’re not the only one. Nor are you alone if factors like childcare options or safety concerns mean you want to keep at it for the medium term. And you may have a good chance now to make it happen.

For many, this period has allowed them the unique opportunity to show their managers that they have the ability to work responsibly and efficiently outside the confines of the office. Some bosses, however, may still be on the fence about allowing employees to remain at home.

Here are eight steps you can take—starting right now—to help you make it happen.

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