McKinsey Recruiting Updates

McKinsey Recruiting Updates for full-time Business Analyst and Summer Business Analyst positions:

1. We’ll be moving to a nationalized application timeline, with only two application deadlines for BAs, and only one deadline for all other roles across US schools.

  • BA (Full Time) – Monday, September 7
  • SBA (Summer Interns) – Thursday, September 10
    apply at

2. From the moment candidates apply, they will be building relationships with future colleagues in their office or practice including interviewing with the office or practice they will join. We’ll no longer have MIT interview days. Offices will coordinate multiple dates, and students can choose what will best match their preferences and availability.

  • BA (Full Time) – Targeting the weeks of September 14 and 21
  • SBA (Summer Interns) – Targeting the weeks of 21 and 28

3. Candidates only need to submit one application to access the full breadth of consulting roles in the Firm. If candidates are interested in deep technical roles, there is also a single application process.

4. We will ask candidates to tell us more about what’s important to them in a survey at application time (when they apply to US locations) – especially where candidates want to live and what kind of work they want to do.

5. As always, if candidates’ preferences evolve or circumstances change (during the application process or even after candidates join), we pride ourselves on accommodating them and see our new model as more readily enabling that.


By MIT Sloan CDO
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