MFin Networking Night Company Contacts 2020

Thank you for your active participation during MFin Networking Night. The virtual room was abuzz all evening, and the early feedback from company representatives is very positive. We congratulate you on your preparation, professionalism, and engagement throughout the evening.

To facilitate your continued networking efforts, contact information for each company representative who participated in MFin Networking Night is available in Career Central. To access this information in Career Central, select Companies, then select Recruiter File, then in the Contact Type field, select Networking Nights – MFin Networking Night 2020, and hit Apply.

With 17 employers, nearly 40 company representatives, and over 130 students in attendance, do not feel obligated to write a thank you to every participant. However, if you had a meaningful conversation with someone and would like to follow up, we encourage you to reach out individually.

By MIT Sloan CDO
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