MFin Career Questions of the Week

How do I include my Proseminar and Fin-Lab experiences on my resume and LinkedIn profile?
It is critical that you represent your Action Learning Projects on your Resume and LinkedIn accurately. Any misrepresentation of these experiences can result in a rescinded offer or impact your ability to receive an offer or work authorization. You must carefully follow our Action Learning Guidelines for Resumes and Action Learning Guidelines for LinkedIn that can be found on the MFin page of Your CDO.

What is the dress code for a virtual interview?
When interviewing virtually, you should dress the same way you would for an in-person interview. For most companies within the financial services industry, business formal attire, which consists of a suit in a neutral color (black, navy, gray) with a button-down shirt (and a tie for men), is strongly recommended. While you’re welcome to ask your recruiting contact to confirm the dress code for the interview, erring on the side of most conservative and professional is always the best approach.

Remember these questions, and more, are found in the MFin Career FAQs available to you at anytime.

By MIT Sloan CDO
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