Management Interns – STL (Sterlite Technologies Ltd.)

For the last many years, STL, an industry leading integrator of digital networks, has been partnering with some of the leading institutes in the world to put great talent to great work! With a world of opportunities and a team of brightest minds and cool geeks, STL strives to build high performance teams and fulfilling careers.

We believe in transforming billions of lives through digital networks, to solve the most compelling problems in the world like inclusive economic growth, world class education sustainability and improved healthcare.

With years of experience in Optical Fibre innovations and core capabilities in Optical Interconnect, Virtualised Access Solutions, Network Software and System Integration, we are an end-to-end technology solutions provider that make global digital networks ready for tomorrow. In the second most populous country in the world, over 45% of all data travels on STL networks. From photonics and material science-based precision manufacturing to algorithmic design, ultra-fast deployment, AI analytics and programmable networks, STL presents the perfect platform to work with the latest technologies in a fun working environment.

Focused on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, our 3,100 STLers from across 30 nationalities work in high-impact domains. With 425+ patents to our credit, we partner with global telecom companies, cloud companies, citizen networks and large enterprises, to deliver solutions for their fixed and wireless networks for current
and future needs.

We have a strong global presence, with supply to over 100 countries, manufacturing facilities in India, Italy, China, and Brazil, and a data centre design company in the UK. STL, an India-headquartered MNC, is a $736 Mn company, and almost 35% of our revenues are from international markets.

Campus Connect:
We invite you to be a part of an amazing work culture, while doing purpose driven work, that impacts lives across the globe. We are focused on building high performance teams and fulfilling careers. In our pursuit to put great talent to great work, the team will be guided and mentored by STL Leaders and will work closely
with them to:
· drive end-to-end high impact programs
· participate in projects and roadmap discussions
· participate in ideation & critical initiatives
· gather market intelligence & Conduct In-depth Research

Selection Process Guidelines: Management Interns
· Students having minimum 3.5 equivalent GPA throughout the full time course
· Online Assessments and virtual interviews.

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By MIT Sloan CDO
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