IXL Innovation Olympics: The World’s Largest Innovation Consulting Competition

Where some of the most brilliant professionals compete to bring innovative solutions to companies across 40+ industries.

Why Join?

  • Participants get a mentor from IXL Center. Your mentor will teach innovation methodologies and drive you to excellence
  • Get trained and certified and an Innovation Associate (Level 1) by the Global Innovation Management Institute
  • The experience and training has a major impact on your career, many actually get jobs with their IO sponsor.
  • Have you ever created a concept worth $150 million? A team in the program has, for a financial industry sponsor… perhaps you can too?
  • Forget the prize money ($4000 for winners & $2000 for runner up). It’s all about bragging rights and your school’s reputation!

For more info, visit ixlcenter.io.

By MIT Sloan CDO
MIT Sloan CDO Profile Picture