Maintaining top of mind status with key stakeholders in your organization

By Margaret Batting

Remaining visible while working remote is up to you. There are several strategies that you can employ but it’s up to you to actually do them and do them consistently. Senior management needs to see AND hear you. What do you need to do to uplevel your visibility and personal brand?

Here are three strategies to begin the process:

  1. Create a commanding presence on video. It’s been a year since the pandemic hit. It’s time to get out of comfy clothes and look polished. Enhance your zoom set up and watch your posture, body language and facial expressions. How you present yourself speaks volumes about how you value others.
  2. Meet with your manager once a month or your manager’s boss once a quarter. Provide updates on how you have gone above and beyond. Share new ways the company can improve their processes, save money, help others be more productive. Use this opportunity to ask for guidance on what skills or behaviors you need to enhance.
  3. Build relationships across your organization. Who do you admire? Reach out to them and tell them. Establish key allies that will support your advancement. It’s up to you to cultivate these relationships. Success is not a one-person job.
By MIT Sloan CDO