Wayfair Business Opportunities – MBAn Students

We are hiring across Wayfair for summer internship, co-op, and full-time employment opportunities in 2021. Below is a quick snapshot of opportunities we have available across the company for students. You can apply today via Handshake/Career Central, or simply by clicking the application links below.

Business Opportunities

Business Marketing Analyst
E-Commerce Strategy Associate

Internship (Summer 2021)
Technical Marketing Analyst

Co-op (June – December 2021)
Analytics Project/Product Management
Catalog Media Advanced Analytics
Competitive Intelligence Analytics
Content Strategy/UX Writing
Creative – Copywriting
Creative – Design
Creative – Project Manager
Creative – Retail
Creative – Video Editing
E-Commerce (Merch & NA Retail)
People Analytics
People Operations & Strategy
Pricing & Profitability
Product Design
Strategic Enablement/Travel
Strategic Finance
Supply Chain, Logistics, & Operations
User Experience Research (PhD)

Technical Opportunities

Data Science (PhD)

Internship (Summer 2021)
Economist (PhD)
Software Engineering

Co-op (June – December 2021)
Data Science & Machine Learning Engineer (PhD)
Data Solutions Engineering
Employee Tech
Software Engineering

For more information on open roles for students, Wayfair culture, interview process and more, check out our student careers site and read about Life at Wayfair via LinkedIn.

By MIT Sloan CDO
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