5 Video Interview Tips That Will Set You Apart from the Pack

By Vibhu Sinha | Vault | March 05, 2021

In a recent blog, I outlined my five-step method for professional networking. I offered a perspective on how the strategy for conducting informational interviews is just as applicable today as it was 10 years ago when I entered business school. However, unlike information interviews, job interviews—and the rules for acing them—have changed significantly in the past decade. As an increasing number of organizations have pivoted to remote work, especially in the past year due to the pandemic, video job interviews are no longer the exceptions but the norm.

So, below are my essential tips for nailing your video job interviews—and setting yourself apart from other candidates.

1. Don’t use a virtual background

Getting ready for virtual interviews requires intentionally preparing your environment. Pick a designated corner or room in your home that’s conducive to a one-on-one virtual interaction. Several video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams offer features that allow you to blur the background or apply a virtual image to the background during the video call. It’s not advisable to use this option because it creates a façade, as though you’re trying to hide something. You don’t necessarily need a studio-quality backdrop or fancy bookshelf either. Having a simple white wall in the background, rather than the Golden Gate Bridge or Waikiki Beach, will make you appear more authentic and trustworthy.

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By MIT Sloan CDO
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