8 Reasons “Internal Networking” Is Good for Your Career

Published by BioSpace | March 11, 2021

“Internal networking” is much the same as regular professional networking, except that the connections or ‘network’ you’re building come from your current employer. Too often we think that to be a successful networker we have to attend happy hours, luncheons, or conferences, handing out business cards at every turn and rattling off our elevator pitch to stranger after stranger.

Not so. Your current organization is a treasure trove of valuable professional connections just waiting to be discovered and nurtured, and by taking care to form meaningful relationships with your colleagues, bosses or even your employees, you can build one of the strongest, most beneficial networks of your professional life.

Still not convinced? Here are the most compelling reasons why you should make internal networking an immediate priority:

Insider Insights
One of the greatest benefits from successful internal networking is the kind of “insider” access it can give you to new jobs or departments that may be opening up. It’s a great way to find out about career internal moves or opportunities for advancement before they are advertised publicly so that you can have ample time to prepare and express your interest in the role.

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By MIT Sloan CDO
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