Wall Street Prep Summer Internship Prep 2021

WSP Summer Internship Prep

Geared toward MBA and MFin students who will be participating in a Finance internship.

As the start of the summer internships is quickly approaching, this is a quick reminder about your online access to the Wall Street Prep platform, and some courses that are beneficial for you to review prior to the start of your internship.

In addition, we recommend reading WSP’s Virtual Investment Banking Internship Guide: MBA Summer Associate Programs (you must be logged in to view this document).

Recommended Courses for Investment Banking  

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint for Finance
  • Technical Finance Interview Prep
  • Core Modeling – Financial Statement Modeling, DCF Modeling, Comps Modeling, M&A Modeling, LBO Modeling
  • Advanced M&A courses including ‘Advanced M&A Structuring’, ‘Understanding Divestitures’, and ‘Demystifying Hostile Takeovers’

Recommended Courses for Private Equity

  • Excel
  • Financial Statement Modeling
  • LBO Modeling
  • Demystifying the Private Equity Deal Process

Recommended Courses for Restructuring  

  • Excel
  • Financial Statement Modeling
  • Demystifying Restructuring Investment Banking for Incoming Analysts and Associates
  • Understanding Corporate Financial Restructuring
  • Restructuring Modeling
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Modeling

Recommended Courses for Investment Management

  • Financial Statement Modeling
  • DCF Modeling
  • Comps Modeling
  • Buy-side Stock Analysis
  • Demystifying the Buy Side – Long/Short Investing
  • Industry-specific courses across Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, and Technology sectors

Recommended Courses for Real Estate

  • Excel
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • REIT Modeling Training
  • Modeling Multifamily Real Estate course, Demystifying Commercial Real Estate Financial Modeling, Real Estate Waterfall Modeling

Recommended Courses for Consulting

  • Excel (‘Working with Large Data sets’ video lessons)
  • Excel VBA
  • Financial statement modeling

View the WSP Interview Prep Guide here.

WSP MIT General Student Passport Courses

For students who may not have used WSP before and are not on a Finance path.

Wall Street Prep has partnered with MIT Sloan to offer Sloan students access to Wall Street Prep’s entire catalog of online self-study foundational and core modeling courses.

To enroll:   https://www.wallstreetprep.com/signup/mit-sloan-passport/
Students must use their MIT e-mail during registration process 

Who is this for?
Students looking to working on practical skills you can immediately use on the job and showcase in interviews.

Course Topics

  • Accounting, Finance, & Credit Courses: Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Analyzing Financial Reports, Crash Course in Bonds, Interpreting Non-GAAP Reports
  • Productivity Courses: Excel, Excel VBA, PowerPoint
  • Financial Modeling: Financial Statement, Valuation, M&A, and LBO Modeling Training

Key Benefits

  • Access to the courses used by at over 150 investment banks, private equity firms, investment funds, and Fortune 1000 companies to train their finance professionals every year.
  • 200+ hours of training across foundational, core modeling, and interview prep topics provide learning opportunities for students across all levels.
  • Step-by-step videos, lesson summaries, and progress assessments make it easy for students to seamlessly retain major concepts.
  • Downloadable fully-mobile videos for access across all devices.

About Wall Street Prep
Wall Street Prep was established in 2004 by investment bankers to prepare and enhance the competitive profile of students who seek careers within the financial services industry. In addition, WSP now trains more than 30,000 incoming investment banking, investment management, and finance professionals every year.

For all inquiries, please contact:
Matthew Blair
Phone: (617) 314-7685 ext. 722
E-mail: mblair@wallstreetprep.com

By MIT Sloan CDO