4 Ways to Manage Your Career When You’re NOT Looking for a Job

By Tiffany Hardy | BlueSteps

The level of responsibility that goes hand in hand with an executive role can leave little time to think about personal career management. And when your greatest career advances have been thanks to your ability to improve performance, drive change, and develop your organization, it may feel like focusing on business results is managing your career. Besides, your current role may be such a great opportunity and challenge that the thought of “what’s next” may not even come to mind yet.

But the data tell us that it is wise to prepare for your next career move at all times. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average person born between 1957 and 1964 held 11.7 jobs on average between 18 and 48 years of age. With millennials job hopping just as frequently as their predecessors—combined with the exponential change happening in just about any industry you examine, this trend won’t be changing anytime soon.

Below are four ways to intentionally and diligently manage your career. They are not tasks you can conveniently check off a list and be done with. Rather, your long-term career success hinges on your ability to execute this strategy perpetually in parallel to delivering top performance for your current employer. The good news is that these actions will help you whether you need an altogether new environment or you hope to achieve your career goals internally.

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By MIT Sloan CDO