MFin Career Question of the Week: Investment Banking Recruiting

Many investment banks have kicked off recruiting processes for Summer 2022 roles – should I apply now or wait to apply until later this summer?

Apply once you are ready and only if you are truly interested. Each summer, we hear of MFin students applying to investment banking roles simply because these are some of the first roles posted and students don’t want to miss out. We encourage students to first learn a bit more about investment banking before applying. The best way to learn is through networking, a topic to which we devote an entire Career Core module that you’ll have access to in July. If you feel ready and interested in conducting informational interviews now, please reference our Guide to Informational Interviewing for tips.

Two other ways to learn more about investment banking careers and the recruiting process: check out this blog post by MFin alumna Pinar Topal and this investment banking primer by MBA alum Steve Tuekam.

Once you’ve determined that you are indeed interested in roles within IBD, you should do the following to ensure you are ready for the process:

Please note that many investment banks will ask for your GPA as part of their application process. Consult our Career FAQs for Incoming MFins for more information on how to properly represent your GPA on job applications between now and the completion of Summer Term.

By MIT Sloan CDO
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