MFin Small Group Career Advising

Small Group Career Advising is an opportunity to meet with a career advisor to discuss career and recruiting questions while also connecting with classmates and learning from each other. This could include topics such as internship/job search advice, general resume or cover letter advice, exploring career paths, or other career questions you may have. You can benefit from hearing others’ career questions in this small group setting. If you have similar questions as a fellow classmate, we encourage you to sign up for the same appointment slot. Appointments are 30 minutes in length.

To sign up, select the “Small Group Career Advising – Virtual – 30 mins” option in Career Central, which can be found to the left under “Small Group Advising.” Detailed sign-up instructions can be found here

For private career questions, we recommend booking an MFin Individual Career Advising appointment

These advising appointments are exclusive to MFin students.

By MIT Sloan CDO