How to Ensure Your Boss Knows How Hard You Work

By Lea McLeod, M.A. | The Muse

Signed a huge client? Check. Trained six new employees? Check. Hit your monthly sales quota in a week? Done and done.

You might have a list of career accomplishments a mile long. But if you’re the only one with access to that list—and no one else understands the extent of your contributions or the impact they’re having on the organization—you’ll be standing behind the door when the raises are handed out.

That’s because when organizations assess talent and make decisions about raises, promotions, and plum projects, the people making the decisions are going through a mental highlight reel of your career—and what counts isn’t necessarily what you’ve done; it’s what they know about what you’ve done.

So if you’re watching others get the promotions, assignments, or recognition you believe you deserve, it might be because you’re not making your accomplishments known. To make sure your manager and the rest of the organization is well aware of your contributions, here are five tips for getting credit for your work.

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By MIT Sloan CDO