How to Decline a Job Interview Without Being the Worst

By Stav Ziv | The Muse

When a recruiter emails and invites you to interview for a job, your split-second reaction can range from “YESSSSS” to “ugh.” The “YESSSSS” next steps are pretty straightforward: You respond, schedule it, prepare for it, and shine bright like a diamond. The “ugh” route is murkier. Because, honestly, the interview could be great practice. If you’re hesitant because you think you’re underqualified, or overqualified, or not that into it, or that the pay may not be quite right—why not Shonda Rhimes it, i.e. just say yes, and consider it prep for the “YESSSSS” interviews?

Time. Time is often the reason. You’re busy, we get it. But what do you say? Is there, possibly, a way to say not now…but leave the door open? Yes, reader, there is. And it’s pretty simple.

Here, we’ll unpack why it’s OK to decline an interview and not feel an ounce of guilt over it. Then we’ll help you pen your response email (with templates). Exhale. Let’s go:

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By MIT Sloan CDO
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