How to (Gracefully!) Handle All the Messy, Awkward Parts of Giving Notice at Work

By Stav Ziv | The Muse

The time has come. You’re going to quit, and you’re getting ready to put the whole two-weeks’ notice plan in motion. Take a deep breath. The hardest part—getting a new job, getting into grad school, or making the decision to do something new—is over.

Still, you’re not quite done. Because how you approach your resignation and the impression you make on your way out can disproportionately color how your boss and colleagues remember you. So you’ll want to take the time to prepare for all the ways giving notice at work can get messy or awkward.

You may already know the basics of executing a graceful resignation—if not, you should definitely read up on everything you need to know about giving two weeks’ notice.

But what about those other lingering questions you don’t even know who to ask? The ones that tap into concerns like how emotions play into the process or what happens if your boss tells you to leave immediately.

Well, not to worry. We’ve tacked a few of them for you here.

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By MIT Sloan CDO