McKinsey Advanced Degree Program: June 15/July 1 Deadlines

From McKinsey:  As we near the end of our campus recruiting season for Advanced Professional Degree (APD) candidates, here are some final reminders and opportunities to engage with us ahead of our application deadline.

Open Roles: Deadline Approaching!
Learn more about our open roles for advanced degree students:

For those pursuing a PhD, Postdoc, JD, MD or medical residency or fellowship and anticipate completing your program later this year through September 2023 (or 2024 for MDs). Interviews will take place this summer and early fall.
Application Deadline: June 15

MD Fellow
This program offers medical students in year 2 or 3 of medical school  the opportunity to spend two years as a McKinsey consultant, working with healthcare leaders in the private, public, and social sectors. The fellowship would occur between their third and fourth year of medical school.
Application Deadline: July 1

We’re also hiring technologists [data scientists, software engineers, data engineers, and designers] that are excited to grow their expertise and accelerate their leadership in business and technology as part of a multi-disciplinary McKinsey team.

Wondering how to think about locations and practices? Read our blog post with helpful tips before you submit!

Virtual events
Find a full list of events and register here! A few highlighted below:

APD Resume Workshop
Join us to receive recommendations and guidance for submitting an effective resume or CV. Get your questions answered about our full-time opportunities at McKinsey, the recruiting timeline, and more.
June 8 at 12pm ET

Academia to Consulting
PhDs and other graduate-level students are well equipped to become excellent consultants. We are delighted to have these individuals at McKinsey who have specific domain knowledge that is relevant to our clients. You’ll hear from our consultants on their transitions from academia to our team rooms, and the support they received as they made the transition.
June 13 at 6pm ET

APD Recruiter Office Hours

June 9 at 12pm ET

June 13 at 12pm ET

Other Recruiting Resources

Careers Page Resources
We encourage you to visit our Careers Page to learn more about the elements of our interview process, find guidance on how to prepare, and tackle seven practice business cases in preparation for future interviews.

McKinsey Recruiting Podcast
The McKinsey Recruiting Podcast
is all about informing you about who we are, what we do, and how to best navigate our recruiting process.




By MIT Sloan CDO