MFin Career Question of the Week: I’ve accepted an offer! What should I do now?

I’ve accepted an offer! What should I do now?

First, congratulations! We know how much time and effort you are all putting into your internship and job searches and if you have accepted a role, we hope you feel great and are excited for the opportunity! So much of the job search conversation is about HOW to get a job, but there are also a few things that we want to remind you of as you move past the interview phase and think about starting your next professional experience.

Time-Sensitive Items:

  • Complete the Employment Survey – MFin is a data-driven program, and we take the same approach to career in the CDO. We kindly ask that once you accept an internship or full time role to please take 3 minutes to complete the MFin Employment Survey.  Data is only ever shared in aggregate, and helps inform our career education and assists in our team’s employer relations strategies. Also important, it helps keep our program at the top of the rankings, and gives prospective students a picture of where MFin graduates end up professionally. We greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day to complete the survey!
  • Decline all other offers and remove yourself from all other recruiting activities – Once you have accepted the offer with your employer, remember to reach out to any employer you are in a recruiting process with (i.e. interviewing, waiting for a decision, have a pending offer, etc.). This practice is an integral part of the MIT Sloan Recruiting Policies, which all students acknowledge and agree to in order to engage in recruiting through the CDO and MIT Sloan. As we’ve mentioned previously, these policies are in place to protect your reputation, the reputation of the school and of the MFin program, as well as to maintain our strong relationships with industry partners who hire MFin students each year. If you have any questions about this, please contact your career advisor as soon as possible. We understand situations come up that are confusing or stressful, and we are here to support and guide you through them.
  • Check in with ISO if you have any questions or concerns. If you have any questions about your work authorization this summer, or your eligibility to work at a company or certain location, please reach out to ISO as soon as possible.

Important Career and MFin Engagement Components!

  • Career Stories/Successes Nominations – Do you know an MFin who has an interesting career story or has achieved a recent career success? Nominate them to share their story/success with us and be featured on YourCDO. Please help us celebrate the MFin successes!
  • Continue learning from industry professionals – This is a great time to reach out and chat with industry professionals to learn about their experience, career, and insights. It’s OK to reach out to people who you met during the interview process to dive a bit deeper into conversation about their background and experience. It’s great to build these relationships before you start work this summer. You can even do this with professionals you met during an interview process that ultimately didn’t work out in your favor. Everyone has a different story, and this is a great time to build your own knowledge base and contacts as you start out in your career. Lastly, if you’ll be working in the same city as an alum or industry professional you spoke with previously, it’s a great idea to reach out and let them know you accepted a position at XYZ company and that you hope to catch up in person over the summer.
  • How to prepare for your summer experience – Stay tuned! Later this spring, we’ll run a workshop on how to prepare for your summer experience, and we’ll go through more details on best practices for a successful experience. If you have specific questions that you’d like answered during this session, you can email Carrie at
By MIT Sloan CDO