MFin Career Question of the Week: How do I recruit during spring term as as Feb’24 student for a summer 2023 internship or as May’23 student for a full-time job?

How do I recruit during spring term as as Feb’24 student for a summer 2023 internship or as May’23 student for a full-time job?

The recently published MFin Employment Report 2022 affirms the strong market demand of MFin talent. If you are actively recruiting this spring, here are highlights from the MFin Spring Recruiting Strategies & Trends workshop to help enhance the effectiveness of your recruiting strategies:

Update your materials and brush up your profile
Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile up-to-date with experience gained during the MFin program. You must follow the Resume guidelines and LinkedIn guidelines to accurately represent your Action Learning experiences. This is a great opportunity to showcase your projects and use coursework to demonstrate your focus/interests. Your Career Central profile is frequently used by employers to search for specific MFin talent. Tip: select as many preferences for function, industry, and geography that are of interest to you. Employers can only find you through a matched preference but they won’t see all your preferences.

Engage and expand your network
We all know the magic of networking. It can give you information that is hidden in the job market. What makes this position different than others? What is the department recruiting quota for the year? Any unexpected openings? How does the firm handle work visa sponsorship? These answers are not always explicit and available publicly. Your network can offer valuable insights on these questions and others. Build your brand and let others know your interests. Get in touch with those you networked with previously; reconnect and ask for an additional networking contact. It helps you grow your network without having to cold call.

Conduct research on companies and positions
To keep your target company list updated, leverage the wealth of company research tools at your fingertips. The 2022 MFin Employment Report can be a good starting point to see where MFins accepted positions. You can utilize MFin company and industry research resources such as Pitchbook to research VC, PE, IM, Fintech or startups. Last year’s job postings in Career Central can be an indicator of when jobs are expected to be posted (even though it’s not a guarantee). Set up job alerts through Career Central and Handshake (links below) to make sure you don’t miss out on postings that may come and go quickly!

Career Central: Creating a Job Search Agent

Handshake: Saved Job Searches & Alerts

Both resources can be found on our MFin Job Sites page.

By MIT Sloan CDO