MFin Career Question of the Week: I am planning for full-time recruiting. What should I do now?

I am planning for full-time recruiting. What should I do now?

Reflect on your experience and career direction:
An internship is an excellent opportunity to solidify your career decision, identify your area of focus, or even consider a different path. Take some time to reflect on your experience and ask yourself the following questions: What aspects of the responsibilities were most exciting to me? Are there any aspects I would prefer not to have in my future role? How did I enjoy interacting with others during the internship? Reflecting on these aspects will help bring clarity to your next career move.

Prepare for the return offer conversation:
While actively learning and contributing during your internship, it’s important not to overlook the conversation about a potential return offer. Some employers may communicate the timeline and criteria for a return offer in advance, while others may not. In any case, it’s essential to proactively reach out and understand the expectations. If you’re unsure about how to approach your manager or HR regarding this topic, consider seeking advice from your MFin Career Advisor for customized suggestions.

Update your resume and LinkedIn:
You can let your online presence do the work for you by updating your resume, uploading it to Career Central, and polishing your LinkedIn profile. By doing so, you signal to your network and AI algorithms that you are actively seeking full-time roles. Updating your resume early not only helps you engage in active recruiting but also prepares you for potential opportunities that may arise through networking. Check the information below about updating your resume in Career Central.

By MIT Sloan CDO