Faculty: Promote MIT Sloan Talent on LinkedIn!

MIT Sloan faculty have tremendous influence in the business community and know the value and knowledge that Sloanies can bring in driving innovation and transformation in the world of business.

We’ve created this toolkit to help you promote MIT Sloan talent on LinkedIn.


1. Save the below photo to your computer desktop by right clicking on the photo and clicking “Save As.”


2. To start a post, login to your LinkedIn account, and from your homepage, click “Photo.”


3. Select the saved photo off your desktop. 


4. Click “Done.”


5. Copy and past the below language where it says, “What do you want to talk about?” (Note: This language is to get you started. Be sure to change the program and class to accurately reflect the population you are recommending.)

I’m excited to recommend MIT Sloan’s exceptional [INSERT PROGRAM AND CLASS HERE. EX: “MBA Class of 2023”] for your hiring needs. This is a group of talented individuals who possess the transformative ability to fuel progress in a disruptive world. #TalentThatTransforms

Why Hire Our Grads?

  • Diverse Skillset
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Cutting-Edge Knowledge

By hiring our graduates, you’ll be gaining innovative thinkers who can drive your organization forward in an ever-changing business landscape.

If you have full-time job opportunities, I am happy to make introductions. Please message me if you are interested or contact our Employer Relations & Recruiting Team: https://cdo.mit.edu/channels/employer/


6. Click “Post.”

By MIT Sloan CDO