MFin Career Question of the Week: Received a return offer from your summer internship? 

Received a return offer from your summer internship? 

If you’ve received a return offer from your internship, congratulations! MIT Sloan’s Recruiting Policies ask employers to give you until October 6, 2023 to evaluate a return offer. If you received an offer with an earlier deadline, contact your career advisor immediately to discuss your specific situation.

Examples of how the CDO can help when you’ve received an offer:

  • Advise you on how to request a decision deadline extension
  • Advise on offer negotiations and discuss Sloan outcome data so you are informed on what is competitive
  • Help you evaluate the offer and other alternatives
  • Share strategies to accelerate recruiting processes with other firms
  • Guide you through navigating complicated career situations

If an employer is pressuring you to accept an offer or if you accepted but still want to recruit, contact your career advisor immediately. We are here to support you through complicated situations and can advise you on processes to make career decisions that are good for all parties involved.

By MIT Sloan CDO