MFin Career Question of the Week: I’ve started my summer internship! What steps can I take to ensure I’m set up for a successful experience this summer?

:trophy: Do your job, and do it well! Treat this like an extended interview, because it is! Ask questions when you need more clarity on something, raise your hand to help when needed, and make sure you’re communicating effectively with your team. Pro tip: create a “Wins” email folder and anytime someone compliments your work or effort, add a copy of that email to the Wins folder. You’ll have an easily accessible list of accomplishments to reference at any review or performance discussion!

:handshake: Take advantage of the networking opportunities. Now that you’re an employee at the firm, it is your time to meet new people, both at your level and above, on your team and outside of it. Learn about their experiences and professional backgrounds, gain perspective, understand more about the firm, and grow your network.

:phone: Meet with your career advisor.  If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us! We can offer guidance and support you through tricky situations, or answer questions about a specific topic.  You also have access to the slides from our Making the Most of Your MFin Summer Internship workshop this spring, which contain best practices and suggestions for maximizing your experience this summer.

By MIT Sloan CDO