Career Central: Creating a Job Search Agent

How Do I Create A Job Search Agent?

Since new job opportunities are posted to and approved for the Job Board every day, a Job Search Agent can be very useful as you track positions that interest you. You may create multiple saved searches and job search agents for different industries/functions/job locations of interest.

Select the search criteria of interest to you and click on the “Save Filter” button.

You will be shown a box where you will input a name for the search and then directed to a screen where you will define the frequency with which the Job Search Agent should be run.  When matching jobs are found, the Job Search agent will send you emails to your MIT Sloan account based on the frequency you selected.

You may view previously saved searches from the sidebar under the “Job Postings” heading.

Enter the name of your search in the box and click “Save.”  If you wish to add an email agent to the search, check the box as indicated.

You may select to use each search as an email agent on this page, and select the frequency with which you receive emails for each search.