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Career Resources

Resumes and Cover Letters

Explore resume guidelines and general information, VMock Resume Review Tool, sample cover letters, cover letter guides and checklists, and more!

Company and Industry Research

Resources for researching industries and companies; including how-to guides, Capital IQ, Pitchbook, Wall Street Journal, Plunkett, D&B Business, and more!

Recruiting Policies and Career Central Guides

Explore how-to guides for navigating the Career Central platform including setting up a job search agent, searching job postings, integrating …

Interview Preparation

Explore tools such as Wall Street Prep, RocketBlocks, Management Consulted, Exponent, and review common interview mistakes, interview prep packet, and …

Networking and LinkedIn

Explore sample networking and thank you emails, networking tactics and guides, LinkedIn checklist, the VMock Aspire tool for LinkedIn, and …

Contacts and Directories

Browse the post-grad and internship directories, MIT Sloan Student Photobook Directory, Alumni Advisors Hub, Alumni Database, Alumni Network, and more!

Job Sites

Explore job postings in Career Central and the MBA Exchange job board. Access International job sites, and review roles for …

Evaluating Offers and Negotiating

Explore resources such as sample letters for accepting/declining offers, salary negotiation resources and guides, employment reports, and more. See below.

Career Exploration and Assessments

Explore the Clifton Strengths assessment tool and other self-assessment resources for career exploration and career assessments. See these resources below.