FAQ – Sloan Opportunity Stimulus (SOS) Fund

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – 2021

I’m receiving funding through another source; can I also get funding through this program?
Funds are limited and intended to help those with no other source of funding. If you are receiving
funding through another source, do not apply for funds through this program.

I’m an international student and don’t have my Social Security Number (SSN) yet, can I apply?
Yes, you can apply. However, you will be paid as an MIT employee at the end of the summer and will need to fill out an I-9 (with a SSN) in order to be paid. You will also need to have your SSN in order to file your 2021 income tax return.

When is the deadline to apply for this funding?
Completed applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning on April 12, 2021 until July 15, 2021. Applications must be submitted prior to the start of your internship, as we will not be able to process retroactive pay. If this timing poses an issue, please contact mitsloansummerinternships@mit.edu.

When will I hear if my application has been approved? When will I receive payment?
We will announce funding decisions within two weeks of receipt of your completed application, and share that information with the finance office who will set up a payment to be made monthly (June through August) – you will be paid as an MIT employee. The amount of payment to be made depends on the terms of your internship offer and the number of hours and weeks you are expected to work.

How much funding can I expect to receive?
Once your application is approved, you will receive communication confirming the amount you should expect to receive; Students who are approved for this funding will receive $15/hour with a total maximum of $6,000 for the summer. Students will be paid monthly.

Is there a specific duration required for the internship?
We are able to fund internships and projects that are at least 2 weeks in length. Typical internships and project lengths range from 8-10 weeks. International students can use CPT for their internships until August 20, which is the last day of the summer academic term. Beyond that time, they will have to use OPT.

I graduated/completed my academic program but would like to do an internship this summer – can I apply?
In order to qualify for funding, students must be eligible for work as an MIT student employee. If you have graduated or completed your program at MIT Sloan, you will not be in the financial systems as a student, and not eligible to work as an MIT student employee.

If you have additional questions, please email mitsloansummerinternships@mit.edu.