Deepak Arora, SFMBA '20

Strategy / Digital Transformation / Analytics

Deepak Arora, SFMBA

I’ve more than two decades of professional experience in the Maritime, Logistics, and Supply Chain sector and currently working as a senior director of corporate strategy with Crowley – a logistics conglomerate based in the United States. My current role is focused on leading digital transformation, data and analytics maturity, and enterprise strategy. I’m also a Sloan Industry Advisor.

I was previously working as managing director for a private limited shipping company in India, spearheading asset management of a diverse portfolio of ocean-going carriers. Before that, As general manager of a management consulting firm, serving the broad public and private companies in SE Asia. I have led various transformational projects across listed and unlisted companies, including developing and hiring large, diverse teams of engineers, managers, and analysts; implementing strategic initiatives in outsourcing, cost reduction, digitalization & automation, and process re-design; reporting to Board and C-level as well as managing key government and external-facing client relationships; and, driving real financial results in terms of cost savings, efficiency gains, and revenue diversification.

I enjoy conversations on career transitions, corporate entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and data and analytics maturity for corporates, in particular maritime, logistics and transportation sector.