MIT Sloan Recruiting Policies Academic Year 2022-2023

MIT Sloan’s Recruiting Policies are designed to ensure fair practices for students and employers in an evolving recruiting environment, and to ensure that MIT Sloan students are able to balance academics with recruiting.

The policies in this document are intended for all organizations affiliated with MIT Sloan’s campus and/or intending to recruit MIT Sloan students and apply regardless of the source or origin of any job opportunity or event. Affiliation is defined as any programming or recruitment activities (in-person or virtual, on or off campus) including, but not limited to: interviews, company presentations/workshops, career fairs/industry fairs, networking nights and job postings (non-On Campus Interviews).

The policies in this document are intended for all MIT Sloan students who engage in recruiting activities (in-person or virtual, on or off campus) during their program. These policies apply regardless of the source or origin of any job opportunity or event.

Use of the Career Development Office (CDO) and its resources is a privilege that includes both shared and individual responsibilities. If you have questions about managing the recruiting process or about these policies, please contact a member of the CDO staff.


    The schedule for fall recruiting activity is announced to employers each March and is also posted to the YOUR CDO EMPLOYER PORTAL as early as possible to facilitate scheduling.

    MBA, Leaders for Global Operations (LGO), Master of Finance (MFin),
    Master of Science in Management Studies (MSMS), and Sloan Fellow MBA (SFMBA)
    September 1, 2022 Interviews for 2nd year MBAs and returning 18-month MFins may take place any time after September 1st at the discretion of the CDO and in accordance with the academic calendar.
    September 19, 2022 Interviews begin for both full-time and internship-seeking Master of Finance students.
    October 3, 2022 Company-hosted presentations begin for both full-time and internship-seeking students.
    Week of January 2, 2023 Interviews begin for internship-seeking MBAs; the month of January is a Dedicated Interview Period for employers and students participating in recruiting.
    Master of Business Analytics (MBAn)
    Due to the format of their program and degree completion date in August, MBAn students follow a different recruiting schedule. MBAn students do not participate in internship recruiting; they are available for full-time positions only.
    December 2022 Employers may request the MBAn resume book in early December.
    January 2023 Job postings will be visible to students in Career Central beginning in January 2023.

    (may be in-person or virtual and are subject to change based on Institute Fall 2022 on-campus policies)

    Coffee Chats Open to all master’s students; coffee chats are scheduled Monday-Thursday during the day.
    Company Presentations Scheduled Monday-Thursday during lunch, or Monday-Thursday in the evening.
    Interviews Companies select candidates for interviews.

    Students who participate in recruiting activities organized through the CDO agree to meet the following requirements:

    Provide potential employers with accurate information in all job application materials (resume, cover letter and/or job application) and represent themselves and MIT Sloan with honesty and integrity
    Submit their credentials (resume, cover letter and/or job application) to recruiting organizations according to their timing and application requirements
    Arrive on-time for scheduled interviews, company presentations and office hours

    Policies for students who must cancel an invitation to office hours, a presentation, or interview:
    Students are expected to use Career Central to cancel any presentation and office hour invitations they have accepted by 5pm of the business day prior to the event. For interviews, students are expected to cancel no later than two business days before the scheduled interview. If you know less than two business days before an interview that you have to cancel, you must inform the CDO by calling 617-253-6149 AND emailing If your interview is off-campus, you must call and speak with the company recruiting contact directly. Sending an email to cancel your interview is not acceptable.

    If an emergency forces you to cancel an interview on the interview day itself, you are required to alert the CDO immediately, in person or by phone (617-253-6149). In addition, you are required to write a letter of explanation to the recruiter within two business days, copying the Director of Employer Relations and Recruiting on your correspondence (

    Employers who participate in recruiting activities organized through the CDO agree to meet the following expectations:

    Employers must request dates through the CDO. We aim to minimize conflicts with class schedules or other employer-sponsored events, so as many students as possible have the option to attend company events
    Employers are encouraged to offer educational content in club events with students (discuss industry trends, firm projects, case studies, or other intellectual capital)
    Employers are required to be flexible in scheduling interviews and must not ask students to miss a class or change an exam for an interview. Classes missed for such activities are not excused absences and may count against the student’s participation grade
    In the event of an interview schedule conflict, employers are encouraged to offer alternative dates and times and/or to utilize virtual interview technology to accommodate students’ academic requirements
    LGO students who are recruiting through the CDO for full-time opportunities may be away from campus for their research fellowship and may require a virtual interview. Please refer to the MBA recruiting calendar for specific dates when LGO students may or may not be available for interviews
    Students should be kept updated on the status of their candidacy after each round of interviews; we require firms to directly communicate both affirmative and negative decisions within a reasonable time frame

    Internship recruiting applies to most MBA and 18-month MFin students. Students in other programs do not participate in internship recruiting.

    Students who choose to participate in the CDO’s Dedicated Interview Period in January are expected to commit to interviewing on the dates offered by employers.

    Students who choose to participate in a lab course or project sourced by MIT Sloan faculty and staff must be able to fully commit to the course and/or project. It is not permissible to miss class(es) for interviewing or to shorten the duration of a project to accommodate interviews
    Off-cycle MBA students (e.g. dual degree Harvard Kennedy School, pursuing summer internships in their 2nd academic year) may not simultaneously participate in the CDO’s January Dedicated Interview Period and a lab course or project sourced by MIT Sloan faculty and staff
    If a student pursues a second internship during the summer, he/she must inform both hiring companies about both internships

    Employers are expected to allow first-year MBA students time to adjust to the academic experience during their first semester and to participate in our customized career programming.

    Events and interviews should be scheduled through the CDO to avoid scheduling conflicts. We are happy to assist with advertisements for company events, job postings, and room requests for presentations, office hours and interviews
    Employers may not request or access student mailing lists, club membership lists, or the online MIT Sloan student photobook
    Coffee chats/informational sessions for first-year MBA students scheduled during the fall semester must be held in a group format (two or more students)

    Early Recruiting and ‘Exploding Offer’ Deadlines:
    We believe students should have an opportunity to view a range of opportunities before making decisions, and our offer deadlines align with these beliefs. We support early recruiting as an educational tool, to raise awareness of opportunities, but we encourage employers to consider the impact on students – in particular, early career, URM and BIPOC students – if they are pressured to accept offers before having a chance to consider other opportunities available to them. We believe reducing their opportunities by requiring early decisions is a disadvantage to students as well as employers. Students who accept an offer under pressure are more likely to back out of the offer.

    We expect that company offer deadlines will give students the full amount of time to consider opportunities. Students with offers that have early deadlines are strongly encouraged to meet with a CDO advisor to discuss their options and make a well-informed decision that respects the interests of all parties.

    Pre-Matriculation Recruiting via Diversity Partner Organizations
    The Career Development Office is supportive of our incoming students who are engaged in pre-matriculation recruiting activities with Diversity Partner Organizations, including, but not limited to: MLTToigo, and Forte, as well as diversity events that are held by our Campus Recruiting Partners. Given that these programs begin prior to matriculation, we encourage students to be in touch with our office so that we can provide guidance throughout your recruiting process. You may reach the Career Development Office via phone (617-253-6149) or email (


    It is in the interest of both students and employers that candidates have adequate time and information to make thoughtful and informed decisions about their employment offers. This not only minimizes the risk of reneges in the short term, but also supports retention with the accepted employer after graduation. The following dates outline a reasonable time frame for acceptances.

    Exploding offers (offers that are retracted if not accepted within a very short period of time) and/or high-pressure tactics put enormous pressure on students to make decisions before they have had time for thoughtful consideration of the opportunity. If employers choose not to follow these policies and/or engage in unprofessional business practices as outlined in this document, MIT Sloan’s CDO will not enforce Student Policies and the employer assumes any risk of a renege.

    Students are expected to withdraw from all applications and are not permitted to interview with additional firms after accepting an employment offer. A verbal acceptance of an offer is considered binding.

    Companies agree to the following deadlines for responses to offers extended before April 1, 2023:

    Full-Time Offers
    Earliest deadline for a
    response to an offer
    Earliest deadline if offers is
    from summer internship
    or LGO internship
    MBA 2023 Friday, Dec. 2, 2022* Friday, Nov. 4, 2022*
    LGO 2023 (internship start date: June) Friday, Dec. 2, 2022* Friday, Dec. 2, 2022*
    MSMS 2023 Friday, Dec. 2, 2022*
    *Or a minimum of 15 business days from the date of the written offer to evaluate the offer, whichever is later.
    Internship Offers
    Earliest deadline for a response to an offer
    MBA 2024 Friday, Feb. 3, 2023*
    *Or a minimum of 15 business days from the date of the written offer to evaluate the offer, whichever is later.
    Master of Finance
    Full-Time Offers
    Earliest deadline for a response to an offer Earliest deadline if offer is from summer internship
    Master of Finance, Feb. 2023 Friday, Dec. 2, 2022* Friday, Oct. 21, 2022*
    Master of Finance, May 2023 Friday, Dec. 2, 2022*
    *Or a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of the written offer to evaluate the offer, whichever is later.
    Master of Finance
    Internship Offers
    Earliest deadline for a response to an offer
    Master of Finance, Feb. 2024 Friday, Dec. 2, 2022*
    *Or a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of the written offer to evaluate the offer, whichever is later.
    Master of Business Analytics
    Full-Time Offers
    Earliest deadline for a response to an offer
    MBAn, Aug. 2023 MBAn students are recruited in a just in time process and are encouraged to work directly with the MBAn Career Advisor regarding timelines with companies.

    Students who need additional time to make a decision should contact the Career Development Office for assistance.

    Offers After April 1, 2023
    For any offer extended on or after April 1, 2023, including offers by companies participating in the MIT Sloan Career Fair, students must have a minimum of 10 business days to evaluate the offer.


    Employers are expected to give students sufficient time and information to make thoughtful, informed decisions about an extended offer. They are also expected to recognize that their candidates are students, with academic requirements. If an employer anticipates a conflict with these recruiting policies, the employer should notify the Director of Employer Relations & Recruiting as soon as possible to discuss the situation and possible options.

    Students are expected to honor their employment commitments. If a student is unable to honor a commitment to an employer, the student should notify the CDO Director of Employer Relations & Recruiting within 2 business days (

    Failure to comply with these policies, may result in corrective measures up to, and including, suspension of some or all recruiting privileges for students and companies. To reach resolution, the issue may require review by the CDO Assistant Dean, the Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Master’s Programs, or the Dean of the School. If the issue is not successfully resolved, consequences may include partial or full suspension of CDO services and recruiting privileges for a period of up to five years. Both students and companies may be subject to having a letter of violation attached to their student record/file.

    MIT Sloan reserves the right to verify information provided by students and employers regarding any violation of these recruiting policies. Examples of violations include, but are not limited to:

    Reneging on a job acceptance
    Withdrawal or rescinding an offer that has been extended and/or accepted
    Continuing to interview after accepting a job offer, regardless of source of the interview and accepted job
    Acting unethically or demonstrating unprofessional conduct contrary to MIT Sloan values and CDO/recruiting policies
    Dishonesty or misrepresentation of facts or information to a company, student or the CDO
    Missing a scheduled interview without proper notification to both the CDO and the employer

    Students and employers recruiting through CAPD on MIT’s main campus are required to follow CAPD’s recruiting policies and deadlines.
    CAPD – Student Recruiting Guidelines | CAPD – Employer Recruiting Guidelines

    MIT is an equal employment opportunity employer. We require recruiters to comply with MIT’s policy of evaluating candidates without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status and national or ethnic origin.

Last updated: April 4, 2022
Reformatted: March 17, 2023