Remo: Getting Started & Best Practices

Remo is a virtual conferencing platform for live, virtual event and networking space for real-time, face-to-face engagement. To prepare for upcoming Remo events we have pulled together instructions and best practices to successfully navigate and operate Remo.

Watch this quick and helpful 6 min demo video to see how Remo works.

  • To create your account, click “Save me a spot.” You can do this at any point between now and the event. If the event has already begun, the button will instead say, “Join event now!”
    • You will be prompted to enter your email, name, and password. Once you create your account, you’ll be registered
  • Remo works best on a laptop or PC using the Google Chrome browser
  • Close out of Zoom or any other video platform to avoid camera/mic issues
  • Remo currently does not have built-in virtual background functionality

Remo System Check

  • Before joining an event, Remo will automatically run a system check to ensure your camera, mic, and speakers are working
  • This will also check your network connection and browser
  • You can also run a system check manually by going to
  • If your system “fails” the gear test, join the event anyway so that we can troubleshoot

Filling Out Your Profile

  • You will be prompted to fill out profile details. Other users will be able to see your profile details by clicking on your profile icon during the event. You can edit your profile at any time by clicking your icon in the top right corner of your screen


  • Under Full Name, we recommend listing: First & Last Name, Program, and Grad Year
  • Under Company, you can list MIT Sloan
  • You can also add your LinkedIn to your profile
  • This is an example of how to fill out your profile:


  • Under Full Name, we recommend listing: First & Last Name, Company
  • Using your company logo as your profile picture can help students easily identify you during the event
  • You can also add your LinkedIn to your profile
  • This is an example of how to fill out your profile:

During the Event

  • On the day of the event, simply navigate to the event link and log in to join the event
  • When you first join the event, you will be randomly placed at a table. We recommend leaving your camera and mic off until you find your table
  • Each table functions as a small group video chat; the seats represent the number of people who can join that table. Tables may be labeled with a company name, industry, function, or topic
  • To join a table, hover over it with your cursor and double-click on it. When you join a table, a “knock, knock” sound will play alerting participants at the table that you are joining them
  • You can zoom in on the screen or click and drag with your cursor to move the floor plan around or view your table more closely

Moving Between Floors

  • There may be multiple “floors” at the Remo event to accommodate more tables and participants
  • The list of floors will be located on the left side of the screen
  • Clicking on the floor number will prompt you to move to that floor
  • When you move to a different floor, we recommend turning your camera and mic off, as you will be randomly placed at a table whenever you move to a different floor

Navigating Remo

  • The control panel on the bottom of the screen is where you can control your camera and microphone, change your view of the screen, and access the chat
    • “Tile View” allows you to see the screens of each table member in a larger format that covers the floor plan (ideal for honing in on conversations)
    • “Back to Floor” allows you to see the videos at the top of the screen and the larger floor plan (ideal for seeing the floor plan while still conversing with your table)

Announcement & Chat

  • There are three ways to chat:
    • The general chat, which allows you to chat with the entire event’s participants
    • The table chat, which allows you to chat with your table
    • The private chat, which allows you to message other participants directly
  • Throughout the event, we may send out brief announcements. These will show up as a white box in the center of the screen and will be accompanied by a bell sound

Additional Support & Resources

  • Clicking the three-dashed line icon in the top left corner of the screen will allow you to check your camera/mic settings
  • When in doubt, refresh your browser
  • A troubleshooting guide for audio feedback/echo can be found here
  • Remo has several articles to assist new users here
  • During the event, if you have any questions/issues/concerns, there are a few ways to receive assistance:
    • Go to the “Help Desk” or “Tech Support” table, usually on the first floor
    • For technical issues, you can also contact Remo’s customer support via the “Need help?” icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen