Resources for Researching Companies and Industries

MIT Sloan students have access to highly valued databases and resources for researching companies and careers. Below are the most popular databases, with tips for how to use them.

Getting Started

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Top Company Research Resources

About Capital IQ:
Company financials, relationships among firms and people, biographical and contact data, transactions, securities data, and regulatory filings; key resource for banking and deals.

How to Use it:
• Select Screening to screen companies by various financial metrics (e.g.: multiples, corporate actions, operating rations and metrics)
• Select Relationship Paths under Companies to find paths between MIT and a company/person or between companies.

About D&B Business Browser:
Company profiles, financial information, analyst reports, corporate reports, directories, and ranking and market share information.

How to Use it:
• View company profiles (public and private companies), history, directories and financial information, news articles, analyst and corporate reports and ranking and market share information.
Search zip codes to build a company list.

About PitchBook:
Features data for the global private equity & venture capital market, including the entire investment life cycle. Research companies, PE and VC deals, valuations and multiples, funds and fund performance, and people.

How to Use it:
• Great resource for VC, PE, Investment Management, Startups, and Fintech; and for building company lists.
• Look up a company and click “similar companies”.
Search for companies by geographic area.
A quick way to find alums working at startups.

About Plunkett:
Industry research center covering 40+ industries including banking, mortgages & credit, consulting, international companies, investment & securities, and private & middle market companies.

How to Use it:
• Build extensive reports on your top industries; includes industry trends, statistics, financial information and contact information.
• View tutorial videos on how to: export company and executive lists, build reports, use industry analytics and company profiles, and research companies.

About Vault:
Comprehensive information for 2,500 employers across 100 industries. Vault Guides help you research careers and prepare for interviews.

How to Use it:
• Vault offers a wide range of career guides that give you an overview of an industry.
• Browse companies by name, industry and location to explore areas of interest.
• Top Vault Guides for MFins include: Investment Management, Leveraged Finance, Middle Market Investment Banking, Top Banking Employers, Advanced Finance & Quantitative Interviews, Hedge Fund Jobs

About Factiva:
This resource gives you access to many periodicals and news sources; enter a company name/ticker and get recent news articles, key facts and stock price activity.

How to Use it:
• Select Reports from the left-hand menu bar on a company’s page to create a custom report with various types of news.
• Access Wall Street Journal articles

About MIT Library Resources:
Research guides on industries created by specialist librarians, directing you to key information databases, news sources, data and statistics for your target industry.

Industries and Topics:
• Finance
• Investment Management
• Sustainable Business
• Marketing
• Biotech and Pharma

• Market Research
• Industries
• Companies

About Preqin:
Preqin offers comprehensive global research on the investment industry. Our subscription includes Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Natural Resources, and Hedge Funds modules which offer detailed information and analytics on firms, funds, deals, and portfolio companies.

How to Use it:
• Explore our database of over 250,000 industry professionals.
• Search through detailed company profiles to see firm history and latest activity.
• Discover and analyze investor mandates or fundraising activity for the firm, fund performance histories and total assets under management.