Summer 2020 Funding FAQ


I’m receiving funding through another source, can I also get funding through this program?
Funds are limited and intended to help those with no other source of funding. If you are receiving
funding through another source, do not apply for funds through this program.

I’m an international student and don’t have my SSN yet, can I apply?
Yes, you can apply. You will be paid as an MIT employee for the summer. You will need to have
your SSN in order to file your 2020 tax return.

When will I hear how much I will receive? When will I receive payment?

We will announce funding decisions on June 10, and share that information with the finance office,
who will set up weekly payments likely starting June 15. You will be paid as an MIT employee. The
number of weeks of payment will depend on your offer and the number of weeks you are expected
to work.

Is there a specific duration required for the internship?
There is no specific duration required. Typical internships and project lengths range from 8-10
weeks. International students can use CPT for their internships until August 21, which is the last
day of the summer academic term. Beyond that time, they will have to use OPT.

What if I don’t have an internship by June 8?
In order to make funding decisions in time to pay those who are starting internships in June, we
must have your application by June 8 in order to consider you for funding. There will be no
exceptions made.

When will I know if I will receive the startup opportunity through Orbit/Martin Trust Center or
the faculty research project?
We encourage you to apply for your internship or project as soon as possible to receive your offer
before June 8. For those who apply to faculty projects, you will receive notice about faculty project
selections in late May or early June, in time to apply for funding.

I want to work for a nonprofit or governmental entity. Can I receive funding through this
The Sloan Social Impact Fund is intended to supplement those who are working for nonprofits or
government entities. Unfortunately, the application deadline for this funding was May 1, 2020 and
decisions have already been made on who could receive funding.

I have an internship already, but the length has been shortened, so I have time for another opportunity. Can I apply for a faculty project?
Right now, the expectation is that students applying for faculty projects do not have another internship opportunity.

If you have additional questions, please email