CDO Space for Virtual Job Interviews!

CDO Virtual Job Interview Room | E52-350 (inside the CDO suite)

The CDO offers a dedicated room within the CDO Suite at E52-331 for virtual job interviews. This room can reserved for use during business hours. Summer Hours are M-Th 9-4pm.

NEW: Sign up to use the Virtual Interview Room through CDO’s Virtual Interview Space sign-up on Calendly (you must be logged in to view the page).
Please use an MIT email address to make your reservation. **When booking the space, be sure to include time to get set up for your interview, and to wrap up your interview if it runs a few minutes over.**

The room comes equipped with a high-quality camera and microphone. Simply plug in our USB-C docking station. We also have a large ring light. Check in at the CDO Welcome Desk on the day of your interview and a team member will show you to the room.