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  • Career advising & coaching appointments
  • Career activities and events
  • Company research and job search resources
  • Company contacts & recruiting information

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  • I’m not sure where to start – what should I do first?

    Welcome! We’re eager to connect with you as a strategic partner in your journey, whether you are just beginning to explore your career options or are actively engaged in a job search.

    After you are admitted, CDO career advisors and coaches reach out via email with information about our services, resources, and events.

    Each program has a community page on Your CDO, where you can see events, resources, and reminders specifically for your program.

    You can explore targeted resources by Industry through the Industry + Affinity Communities tab on the Your CDO menu bar, or by using the links below:

    Industry Communities:

    An advising appointment is often the next step. Read below to learn how to sign up for an appointment with a career advisor or career coach.

    • How do I sign up for a career advising or career coaching appointment?
      • I’m having difficulty using Career Central – who should I contact?

        If you are having difficulty navigating and using Career Central, please email with your question.

        If you are having trouble logging into Career Central, contact Kerri Tierney at When possible, please provide a screen shot of your issue.

      • Where can I find program-specific information about CDO events, resources, and recruiting for my academic program?

        Each program has a community page on Your CDO, where you can see events, resources, and reminders specifically for your program.

        For those programs that have a Career Core component (MBA, MFin), you will also find key information and resources on Canvas.

        You can find jobs and event signups in Career Central.

        Additionally, the MBA and MFin programs have detailed FAQs specific to their programs:

        • Where can I find career resources specifically for affinity groups: Diversity & Inclusion and International Students?

          Click below or visit the Industry + Affinity Communities tab of Your CDO to view the affinity communities:

          Affinity Communities:

        • Where can I find sample resumes and cover letters?

          Use the menu bar or the links below to navigate to your Program page:

          Scroll to the Resources section to view resources – including sample resumes and cover letters – created specifically for students in your program.

          As each academic program has a different emphasis, these targeted resumes and cover letters are relevant samples for your degree program and target companies/industries.

        • Does the CDO have a database of company contacts? Where do I find those contacts?

          The CDO keeps all its company contacts in Career Central. You can search Career Central for company contacts by type (recruiting contact, alumni, etc.). You can also see a detailed recruiting history and notes for each company that has engaged with our office.

        • Where can I find recruiting information?

          In addition to Career Central, view the Career Communities and Your CDO for updated recruiting information.

          In Career Central, you will find signups for company events, including presentations, coffee chats, and interviews.

          The Employer Relations & Recruiting Team also posts information about company relationship history, so if you are interested in particular companies with which we have a recruiting relationship, we strongly encourage you to review that information.

          On Your CDO, we will share information that companies have asked us to distribute to you – including updates about their recruiting process, what to expect, and how to prepare – on the relevant Your CDO Career Community.

        • I have a specific question about a company’s recruiting process – who should I ask for help?

          Our Employer Relations & Recruiting Team works closely with companies by industry, and we encourage you to reach out to the team member who works with that industry if you have a question about a company’s recruiting process.

          See the team and their industries here: Meet the Employer Relations & Recruiting Team

        • Where can I find salary information?

          Employment Reports by program are published annually. View the Employment Reports here.


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