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We are excited to partner with MIT Sloan faculty who are engaged in the career community at MIT Sloan.

The CDO is a catalyst for the career community at MIT Sloan. The dynamic career community of faculty, students, alumni, staff, and companies at MIT Sloan helps connect Sloanies with exceptional opportunities. We work with candidates in the MBA, LGO, MFin, MBAn, MSMS, SFMBA, and EMBA programs, as well as all MIT Sloan degree-program alumni. Our students and alumni pursue a variety of roles, from analyst to executive, and our team is prepared to connect candidates with the specific advice, connections, and resources they need to propel their careers forward.

Ways We Partner with Faculty

  • Sharing data to support faculty career-related research

  • Partnering on career-related classroom activities

  • Helping you connect with the CDO’s company network for speakers, research, and collaborations

  • Representing MIT Sloan at faculty-organized events where attendees might be seeking MIT Sloan talent

  • Answering your contacts’ questions about how to recruit top business talent from MIT Sloan’s portfolio of programs

  • Introducing your contacts to our career colleagues at CAPD, MIT’s Career and Professional Development Office

  • Promoting faculty publications on career topics to students through our career portal and newsletters, as well as on social media

  • Partnering on diversity, equity, and inclusion career initiatives and questions

Ways We Support the Career Community: Advice, Contacts, Resources, and Data

Learn more about the CDO through our Year in Review.

Connect with Our Team

We invite you to reach out with your requests and questions:

Team Contact
CDO Strategy Susan Brennan, Assistant Dean
Employer Relations and Recruiting Mark Newhall, Director
Career Education (MBA, MFin, MBAn, MSMS) Rose Keating, Director
Executive Career Development (SFMBA, EMBA, Alumni) Gayle Grader, Director
Employment Data Requests Henry Hannon, Data Research Analyst
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steven Branch, Associate Director of CDO Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Not sure where to start? Email with your request and we will connect you with a team member who can help!

Examples of Our Faculty Collaborations

Faculty Partners Topic
Andrew Lo | Roberto Rigobon Navigating Your Job Search During Economic Instability
Jake Cohen Ethics Case Studies and Israel Lab CEO Summit
John Akula | Lou Rodrigues Employment Contracts
Jared Curhan Negotiations and the Alumni Career Survey
Jackson Lu Salaries and Negotiation
Emilio Castilla Career Education Curriculum
Jonathan Parker Finance Global Advisory Board
Frank Ahimaz Finance Industry Opportunities
Ray Reagans | Fiona Murray DEI in Recruiting Thought Partnership
Bill Aulet | Susan Neal | Paul Cheek Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Resources
Sharmila Chatterjee Enterprise Management Resumes and Hackathon
Michellena Jester Action Learning and Resumes
Bethany Patten | Jason Jay Opportunities in Sustainability
Shira Springer | Ben Shields Careers and Sports
Vijay D’Silva Mid-Career Consulting Career Paths
Melissa Webster Mid-Career Job Search Readiness
Kate Kellogg | John Richardson | Dana White Organizational Processes (15.311)
Neal Hartman | Kara Blackburn | Virginia Healy-Tangney | Miro Kazakoff | Chris Kelly | Arathi Mehrotra | Ben Shields | Shira Springer Managerial Communications for Careers Faculty (15.280)

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