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Welcome to the Energy Community

The energy industry has exciting opportunities for MIT Sloan students in both traditional and new sectors, and is in need of specialists in all business functions—from finance to entrepreneurship.

Energy Industry Verticals for Sloanies

  • Overview
  • Sample Companies
  • Sample Job Roles
  • Finance + Investing

    VC, IB. Investing in or underwriting energy development projects.


    Energy procurement strategy for data centers. Analyzing new tech.

    Renewable Dev + Utilities

    Developing new renewable projects. Corporate development or strategy.


    Business development, project management, operations, analytics.

    See the Energy Recruiting Overview, created by the Sloan Energy Club for a guide to opportunities, recruiting timelines, compensation, and resources.

  • BlueWave Solar • Citla Energy • CustomerFirst Renewables • EnerNoc • Generate Capital (Cleantech investing) • Google Energy • National Grid • NextEra Energy • Shell • Siemans AG • Spherical Analytics • Stem • Tendril Networks • Tesla
  • Analyst • Associate • Commercial Advisor • Director of Customer Success • Director of Energy Analytics • Director of Marketing • Finance Director • Investment Associate • Leadership Development/General Manager • Marketing Manager • Sr. Financial Analyst

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