Our team is committed to leading systemic change that supports diversity, equity, and belonging in the world and the workplace.
We are dedicated to evaluating systems of recruiting in partnership with students and employers to support equitable processes. 

We are guided by MIT’s Strategic Action Plan for Belonging, Achievement, and Composition. We and the school have taken a number of action steps to drive change and create a more diverse and inclusive community for students and staff; as well as to engage in meaningful partnerships with employers and alumni to support diversity and equity in the recruiting process.

MIT Sloan Thought Leadership on DEI
We are inspired by the thought leadership and action orientation of our Associate Deans, Ray Reagans and Fiona Murray, and Assistant Dean Bryan A. Thomas, leaders of the Office of Diversity, Equity + Inclusion, and by the work of the Institute Community and Equity Office at MIT.

MIT Sloan supports the community in staying informed on DEI topics by MIT Sloan’s research and publications, including those shared through the MIT Sloan Ideas Made to Matter site, in particular, their Diversity and Bias Cut topics:

The CDO Senior Associate Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a member of both the DEI Office and the CDO, and works closely with the CDO’s functional leads on diversity initiatives within career education, employer relations and recruiting, career data and systems, and marketing. Steven Branch partners with the Admissions in DEI outreach initiatives, organizes programming around affinity/diversity recruiting, and works with both internal stakeholders and external organizations to strengthen relationships with students throughout the admission process and from pre-matriculation to enrollment, employment and beyond.

Steven Branch | Senior Associate Director, CDO DEI
MIT Sloan Career Development Office


MIT Sloan DEI Office

The CDO partners with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to offer networking events and career workshops on topics that interest and impact underrepresented minority (URM) students and alumni as they navigate their careers and workplaces. In 2022, we launched a key initiative in partnership with the DEI Office on a career workshop series,
Writing the Code: Telling Our Stories. The series amplifies and uplifts the career stories, experiences, and testimonies of Sloanies who identify as a member of a historically marginalized community.

MIT Sloan Alumni Affinity Group Council
The CDO closely partners with the MIT Sloan Alumni Affinity Group Council, a group of energetic alumni across multiple generations who work to ensure the needs of the URM community at MIT Sloan are met. Each year, we organize collaborative career and networking events that bring Sloanies together to make connections and support their careers.

Affinity Conference Attendance
We attend key affinity conferences to connect with employers and serve as a resource to student attendees.

National Alumni Career Mobility Survey
Since 2020, we have participated in the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey to gather longitudinal career data, including demographic data, to give us insights into career opportunities/pathways and compensation for all our graduates, including first-generation, URM, BIPOC, and intersectional graduates.

Culture Design Work with GapingVoid
Visual support for diversity and inclusion lets visitors know right away these are part of our values.

At MIT Sloan, we embrace and value the contributions of each member of our community. We support an equitable experience for students of all backgrounds, cultures, and identities. We know that we invent, innovate, and work better when we work together. The artwork in our space is a beautiful reminder of the value each community member brings.

We love Employment Reports, but we know Sloanies need more to support important career decisions. We have been fortunate to partner with students and alumni on our Career Stories project, to share the real stories behind Sloanies’ great outcomes, including encouragement for how values and lived experiences can translate into career success and impact.

Finding Your Differentiating Factor: It’s YOU!
with Ellen Rice Chever MBA ’16

Your Unique Self = Your Best Asset
with Samuel Epée-Bounya, MBA ’03 (MIT Sloan Industry Advisor)

Our mission is to empower Sloanies with skills and strategies that generate career momentum. Your CDO – cdo.mit.edu – is a key hub for MIT Sloan’s career activities, insights, and expertise. We have created Affinity Communities to share information that supports Diversity and Inclusion, Veterans, and International Students.

The Diversity and Inclusion Community connects students to professional organizations, clubs, research resources, and articles on diversity and inclusion, as well as a select group of alumni, our MIT Sloan Industry Advisors, who have volunteered to be resources to students on diversity career topics.

We partner with alumni to offer even more expertise. Through the MIT Sloan Industry Advisors program we connect students with over 40 alumni who are available to meet with students individually to share their industry expertise and advice for the job search. Select Alumni Industry Advisors also offer their experience regarding Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

The Clubs page offers an introduction to the many career and affinity clubs, with second-year leaders who share their advice and networks, review resumes, and organize mock interviews to support you.


Intersectionality of identity is a critical component of the career development process. Our team of career advisors and coaches guide students and alumni in understanding how their unique talents and experiences can help them lead transformation at organizations and leave a unique fingerprint on the future of business.

When it comes to advising and coaching, we focus on the human being. Our career advisors and coaches engage in team-wide education and training around emotional well-being, psychological safety, the impact of trauma on performance, and partnership with MIT resources. We call on the lived experiences, expertise, and professional experiences of our staff, many of whom are licensed, trained or certified in areas of well-being and social and emotional health. We support students by leveraging our robust data, market and employer knowledge, and technical resources. We go beyond conventional advising and coaching. We support students across the entire career lifecycle with career skills for life, including alumni career resources.

We recognize the growth mindset required to make changes and we are aligned in our shared commitment to build a more inclusive community.

We know that we don’t have all of the answers; but we are grateful to learn from each other and to engage in building a constructive culture where each member feels included and appreciated for the unique talents they bring to the community.

MIT Sloan Career Development Office