CDO Club Liaisons

2022-2023 Academic Year

CDO team members serve as liaisons to MIT Sloan’s career clubs (both industry and regional clubs), partnering with club leaders to share career information, represent MIT Sloan at career and industry events, and support clubs in promoting their membership and events within the MIT Sloan community.


MIT Sloan Club CDO Liaison
Africa Business Club Kristen Niarchos
Arab Business Student Association Danielle Canas
Asia Business Club Henry Hannon
Black Business Student Association Krys Ardayfio, Steven Branch
Brazilian Club Grace Kimball
Caribbean Business Association Steven Branch, Richard Lestage
Data Analytics Club Tracy Wishon
Entertainment/Media/Sports Club Rachel Seavey
Entrepreneurship Club Rose Keating, James Morrison
Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club Henry Hannon, Mark Newhall
Family Business Club Carla Akalarian
Fintech Club Danielle Canas
First Gen/Low Income Steven Branch
Healthcare Club Georgette Arato
Hispanic Business Club Georgette Arato, Steven Branch
Investment Banking Club Laura Angoff, Georgette Arato, Julie Bae
Investment Management Club Carrie Cabezas, Lew Weinstein
Israel Business Club Lew Weinstein
Japan Club Shauna LaFauci Barry
Jewish Student Organization Lew Weinstein
Management Consulting Club Krys Ardayfio, James Morrison, Susan Todd
MIT $100K Mark Newhall
MIT Impact Investing Initiative Julie Bae
MIT Sloan Blockchain Business Club Kristen Niarchos
MIT Sloan Gaming Industry Club Henry Hannon
MIT Sloan Global Security Technology Club (formerly Defense Technology Club) Gayle Grader, Rachel Seavey
MIT Sloan Purposeful Finance & Policy Club Sonia Liang
MIT Sloan Veterans Club Steven Branch, Gayle Grader
Net Impact Club Heather Holland
People & Orgs Club Susan Brennan
Product Management Club Sumayya Essack
Quant Finance Club Carrie Cabezas
Real Estate Club Julie Bae
Retail & Consumer Goods Club Rachel Seavey
Sloan Energy Club Carla Akalarian
Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID) Kerri Tierney
Sloan Parents Club Krys Ardayfio
Sloan Pride Steven Branch
Sloan Taiwanese Club Rose Keating
South Asia Business Club Sonia Liang
SWIM Shauna LaFauci Barry, Steven Branch
Technology Club Sam McGurgan
VCPE Club Mark Newhall
Wine Club Susan Brennan