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Data Science & Analytics

Welcome to the Data Science & Analytics Community

This is a community for Data Science and Analytics careers, and brings together news, resources and events from the CDO, Clubs, and MIT Sloan community.

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  • MIT is a highly sought resource for companies seeking skilled candidates in data science and analytics. MIT graduates in this field work in a variety of settings, from Finance to Artificial Intelligence.
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  • Advanced Analytics Advisory • Associate • Business Analytics Specialist • Business Strategy & Analytics Lead • Data Analyst • Data Scientist • Digital Intelligence • Product Manager • Program Manager • Quantitative Researcher • Sr. Manager, Data Analytics • Sr. Manager, Financial Analytics • Supply Chain – Advanced Analytics • Technical Product Manager – Advanced Analytics

How To Get Promoted At Work

By Shannon Cook | BusinessBecause | June 28, 2021

You’re an ambitious business leader and want to start taking on more responsibility, climb the career ranks, and land a higher salary. But where do you start?

Getting promoted at work is about …

By MIT Sloan CDO
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These 7 Interview Skills Will Help You Stand Out From the Pack

By Lily Zhang | The Muse

Having conducted hundreds of interviews—both mock interviews with career coaching clients and real interviews as part of search committees—and seen what the outcomes are, I can say with confidence that getting through the hiring process …

By MIT Sloan CDO
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What are industry verticals?

By Pitchbook

When professionals talk about industries, they are referring to a broad group of companies that operate in the same general space. For example, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), energy and healthcare are all well-established industries that represent the breadth …

By MIT Sloan CDO
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