Announcing the 2023-2024 MBA Employment Report

The 2023-2024 MBA Employment Report featuring employment outcomes for the MBA Class of 2023 and internship data for the MBA Class of 2024 is now available on our Employment Reports page.

Candidates from the Classes of 2023 and 2024 accepted opportunities at 290 companies spanning Consulting, Technology, Finance, Healthcare/Pharma/Biotech, and other key industries. Just over half (52.2%) accepted roles with our top employers (those hiring three or more MIT Sloan MBAs during the year). We were excited to welcome 125 new companies across a variety of industries. Sloanies also accepted opportunities at 68 startup-level companies.

For the MBA Class of 2023, salaries trended upward, with the average base salary increasing 5.5% to $168,095, and the median base salary increasing 3% to $170,000. The top four industries for the Class of 2023 were Consulting (33.7%), Technology (24.1%), Finance (19.9%), and Healthcare/Pharma/Biotech (5.8%). Our top employers hired MIT Sloan graduates across a variety of key functions, including consulting/strategic planning, product management/development, operations/supply chain, business development, and leadership development programs, speaking to the expertise and versatility of MIT Sloan MBA graduates. Growth potential was the primary reason (38.6%) graduates accepted their position.

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By MIT Sloan CDO