Tracking Progress on 100% Clean Energy Targets

By Julia Pyper | GreenTech Media | November 12, 2019

A transition toward 100 percent clean electricity is underway in the United States, led by cities and states across the country.

“An enormous amount of authority still rests with the states for determining your energy future. So we can build these policies that will become a postcard from the future for the rest of the country,” said David Hochschild, chair of the California Energy Commission, speaking last week at a UCLA summit on state and local progress toward 100 percent clean energy.

According to a new report from the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, 13 states, districts and territories, as well as more than 200 cities and counties, have committed to a 100 percent clean electricity target — and dozens of cities have already hit it.

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By MIT Sloan CDO
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