MFin Career Question of the Week

How do I come up with companies to expand my target company list?
Check out PitchBook. You can search for companies by stage, vertical, location and several other factors. PitchBook is a web-based data and technology provider for the global private equity and venture capital markets. It has information on the entire investment life cycle including: companies, PE and VC deals, valuations and multiples, funds and fund performance, and people.

Is it appropriate to ask HR for details about my scheduled interviews?
Yes! It is perfectly acceptable to ask HR for details about what your upcoming interviews will entail. In fact, we encourage you to ask for clarity if you are unsure.
Some questions to consider asking:

  1. Interview Format: How will the interviews be conducted (e.g. Zoom/other video platform vs. phone)? Are the interviews 1:1 or group?
  2. Interviewers: With whom and how many interviewers will I meet?
  3. Interview Type: Behavioral, technical, case, or combination? Anything I can/should do to prepare in advance?

Remember these questions, and more, are found in the MFin Career FAQs available to you at anytime.

By MIT Sloan CDO
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