New RocketBlocks Features: Consulting case mode + Analytics module

RocketBlocks has launched 2 new features included in the current MIT Sloan license and available now:

Consulting case mode

These new drills take you through the end-to-end journey of a case interview – through the steps of building a structure, sizing a market, running some numbers, brainstorming and summing up your analysis succinctly.

It’s the perfect compliment to dedicated, targeted practice on the core consulting skillset.

Each consulting case:

  • Tests you across the gamut of key skills
  • Is created by a former McKinsey Engagement Manager and RocketBlocks Expert
  • Delves into complex, modern topics. For example:
    • Assessing the threat of self-driving technology (Automotive)
    • Responding to a ransomware attack (Technology)
    • Revenue cash cycle management (Healthcare)
    • Evaluating an “Uber of the air” investment opportunity (Travel)
    • And more on industrials, finance and CPG

Analytics module

Our Analytics module is for aspiring tech company analysts, who access and use large data sets to analyze and inform big business decisions.

NOTE: The tech industry has made a mess (!) of titles around analyst roles. Our new module is 100% focused on business-focused analyst roles (which can sometimes be called data scientists, data analysts or business analysts, depending on the company). This module is not for machine learning engineers or data engineers.

The module strengthens and tests key skills analysts need to demonstrate mastery of in interviews – such as technical proficiency, understanding core analytics concepts and structuring analyses.

Candidates can expect to engage with the following types of content:

  • Key industries: social networking, cloud infrastructure, e-commerce and SaaS
  • Key interview skills:
    • Proving technical proficiency in SQL
    • Understanding core analytics concepts (e.g., experiments, investigations, etc.)
    • High-level problem structuring (e.g., how to approach the problem)
  • Four (4) unique, table-based data sets w/ questions spanning over 30+ tables
  • Ten (10) “HW assignment” style cases based on ~3.5M (yes, million!) rows of data provided to the students

Visit the RocketBlocks resource page on Your CDO for instructions on creating an account.


By MIT Sloan CDO