How to Network Like a Pro: 10 Ways to Make a Long List of Meaningful Connections

By Katie Burke, MBA 2009 | HubSpot

My second job out of college was with an incredible startup political agency called the Glover Park Group. It’s now a much larger and more successful agency, but at the time it was just a tiny company with a huge vision.

I got the job because a woman my mother used to babysit for growing up was friends with one of the partners of the firm in New York. I was en route from a work trip at the Denver Airport when I received a call from her that’d end up changing my career path … and my life.

The job gave me a passion for working alongside scrappy, smart people, taught me how to tell a compelling story, and introduced me to some dear life-long friends. And I have one woman’s network to thank for it all — a network that likely took her a lot of time and energy to build.

The lesson? Well, this one connection taught me that casting a wider, more open network can unlock opportunities you may not even know exist from your current vantage point. And that networking is an unparalleled skill for people — both young and old — to have.

So to help you hone your own networking abilities, check out the ten tips below.

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By MIT Sloan CDO