Launch of MFin Career Core & First Two Assignments

Career Core Overview:
MFin Career Core is a comprehensive career curriculum to help you develop the career knowledge, skills, and tools you need to succeed in your job search and throughout your career. Career Core has been thoughtfully designed to align students with the timing and resources essential for a job search. As you engage in Career Core, you will learn about MFin career paths, job sites available to you, resources to help you research companies and discover jobs, as well as how to network, write a cover letter, leverage LinkedIn, prepare for interviews, and more!

Career Core is structured similar to an academic course, and all content is accessed through Canvas. Visit the MFin Career Core site today to get started.

Career Core Assignments:
Your first two Career Core assignments, due on Wednesday, July 14, require that you complete the first two modules of Summer Term (Getting Started: The CDO, Recruiting at MIT Sloan and Policies and Career Technologies: Researching Companies, Accessing Job Postings and More). You can find details regarding the two assignments in the Assignments section of the course.

By MIT Sloan CDO
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